Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the TruckStock Frequently Asked Questions page. Here you can find answers to commonly asked questions and links to more in-depth answers.

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What is TruckStock?
TruckStock helps your mobile service companies effectively manage the parts and supplies they need on their trucks. This is accomplished by inventorying the parts on each truck and tracking the usage and restocking of these parts. A properly stocked truck increases one-stop service call rates, reduces wasted time, and increases overall customer satisfaction.

TruckStock can also track other information related to part usage on your truck including refrigerant usage, disposable parts, and warranty claims.

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How do I get the TruckStock app on my device?

TruckStock is a mobile friendly website that can be accessed from any internet-connected PC or Tablet. To quickly access TruckStock, simple add a shortcut to your device’ home screen. Information about how to accomplish this can be found by using the links below:

Apple Devices (iPad)

Android Devices (Tablets)

PC’s (Desktops & Laptops)

Why can't I request stock?
The TruckStock system relies on a 3 step process to re-stock each part as it it used. When a part is taken off a truck, it must be both fulfilled by the parts manager and received by the technician before the part is available to be used again.
How do I change the stock I keep on my trucks?

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TruckStock allows you to manage inventory by truck type or by individual truck. If you use truck types, you can equip all Install, Service, or Maintenance trucks with the same set of parts so they are consistency stocked for day-to-day use. If you track inventory on each truck separately, you can provide each user their own part inventory.

To manage the truck stock on either your trucks or truck types, visit the Manage Parts page of the TruckStock app.

How much does TruckStock cost?
TruckStock pricing is very scalable and tied to the number of trucks within your operation. We offer a variety of on-boarding options and service levels, so visit our contact page to get started.